Dregn's mission is to evolve IT networking.
Networks, critical to everything, still waste time & money, increase risks & frustration and stress people & processes. Dregn's AI-native integration & automation, intuitive game-like 3D visibility & control and future-of-work roadmap are a long overdue networking industry revolution.

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Pre-Order Dregn SaaS Credits

For a limited time, secure your early adopter access with prioritized reservations on our open beta waitlist and get an exclusive discount by pre-ordering credits now at 40% off for blocks of 10,000 or 30% off for blocks of 1,000, with the option to purchase additional blocks as needed.

Dregn SaaS Credits FAQ:
 What are Dregn Credits?
The Dregn SaaS platform charges variable credits per hour for resources used, similar to a lot of cloud providers. There are no tiers of service, no types of credits, no seat licenses and no contract renewals. Credits are prepaid, non-refundable and never expire, accumulating until used. Credits blocks of only 10000 or 1000 are currently available in discounted pre-order purchases but will be sold at market release on subscription, on-demand and balance-triggered reload basis at standard pricing.
 Why pre-order Dregn Credits?
Pre-orders get a substantial discount and priority access reservations on the onboarding waiting list for the open beta release. Pre-orders will only be available for a limited time and will end as we move from closed beta pilot to open beta stage or as determined by a populated short waitlist, whichever occurs first. Credits will then be available at standard pricing to new customers after the open beta. If pricing at release is not as planned, credits will be supplemented to ensure the same fair effective discount. Early adopter beta stage customers will significantly influence our development roadmap through their interactive feedback directly with the Dregn team, have ongoing exclusive early access to new features, free implementation support, a permanent credits discount and unpublished progress updates as we work towards our full market launch.
 How are Dregn Credits used?
A customer's credits usage rate is heavily tied to the underlying resources used by the customer such as cloud compute containers & instances, cloud storage space, GPU resources for AI, 3rd party fees or licenses required for some integrations, support load, etc. A typical enterprise's monthly usage is projected to start initially between 1,000 and 2,000 credits then ramp up from there with heavier Dregn usage after an optimal training & onboarding period. Large customer networks with multiple Dregn users and various AI & tool functions running could consume at least several thousand credits per month, still a relatively tiny slice of an enterprise IT network budget and comparable to other enterprise network tools. Specific breakdowns of credits usage and a checklist for efficient onboarding are to be detailed prior to the open beta release.
 When can Dregn Credits be used?
Following our planned closed beta pilot with a few invitation-only letter-of-intent customers beginning in the fourth quarter of 2024, we will immediately begin onboarding the queued open beta waitlist customers, tentatively around the first quarter of 2025, in an orderly white-glove process with an assigned network engineer and a project manager to boost the waitlist onboarding process. Once the reservation waitlist priority queue is empty, we will move on to a fair queue of unreserved first-come onboarding with support team tickets. In late beta releases before the anticipated fourth quarter 2025 full market launch of our general release, this will shift to a more automated self-service onboarding process with support available as needed. Should the open beta's release be delayed past 2025, we commit to offering an equivalent value in services from selected partners, safeguarding your investment's value.
 Who can use Dregn Credits?
Although anyone can purchase credits, the beta testing stages are intended for direct organizations under agreements with non-trivial supported networks of manageable network devices such as typical enterprise customers. Dregn's SaaS platform early releases are planned for customers primarily in the US and only in English language. Individuals purchasing credits for the intentions of resale or personal or contractor or managed service provider usage will likely need to wait until at least the general market release to accommodate their use cases as well as global deployment. Accessing any of our beta platforms will first require online acceptance of a future Beta Test Agreement of terms & conditions, to include confidentiality, prohibited reverse-engineering, beta participation terms, organizational requirements, feedback responsibilities, acceptable use and other conditions.
 Where is this Dregn platform?
Dregn’s SaaS platform is in early development and will be revealed in phases. Dregn's first year was in stealth mode, with only a placeholder website, no real social media, an initial team mission to figure out feasible solutions to a long list of network industry problems and a SaaS technology stack design started for that crusade. During its second year until now, hints were disclosed about what was being developed in the lab and an online presence was started to pursue start-up funding while still keeping a low profile. As Dregn soon begins its third year, the focus will be a customer-worthy proof-of-concept in a closed beta pilot later this year with limited public disclosures such as roadmap teasers while beta stage customers will receive confidential progress updates until they can use the platform on real networks as it is being developed. When Dregn gets through beta testing and prepares a full market launch, extensive details about the platform and a public roadmap will be published along with good-quality documentation.

Buyer agrees to and acknowledges the risks of pre-ordering services for an unreleased platform still in early development with no set release date. Credits are prepaid, non-refundable and never expire, accumulating until used. A future beta test agreement of terms & conditions will require online acceptance to use the platform at the time of release.

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